Convert an MP3 to an iPhone ringtone

In iOS, we can customize the ringtone, or for messages, but it must be done in iTunes and have a specific format (M4R). We are going to review how a ringtone can be converted using iTunes.

The first thing you should do before you convert MP3 to iPhone ringtone is select the song or MP3 file that we want to use as a ringtone, we assume that it is within iTunes, if it were not, we only have to add it from the program itself (Files Menu, add to the library).

For the example, we are going to choose the song “Beyond the sea”.

We select the song that we are going to convert from iTunes We select the song with the left button (if we double click and it starts playing nothing happens) and with the right button of the mouse we display the menu. We select Get information.

Right-click until you see the drop-down menu. Once the file information box opens, select Options and adjust the duration of the song, remember that it has to be 30 seconds maximum for a tone. 

There is no problem in retouching this, it does not affect the original file you have, it will serve when you make the copy in AAC that only takes the 30 seconds you choose (maximum 30, they can be less if you want).

Within the information of the file, we select the length of the file We give it to accept and the options have been saved in our file, now we have to convert it to AAC, for that we again give the right button of the mouse with the selected file, and choose the option Create AAC Version.

Right menu to create a version of the AAC file Selecting it will create a copy of the file that we had with the M4A extension.

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